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Enhancing consumer experience through secure credentials

Contactless payment popularity with consumers grew during the pandemic with internet shopping, in-app purchases and mobile wallets usage, prompting demand for virtual payment cards and the need for robust digital ID and MFA (2FA/OTP). However, incidence of fraud increased substantially, with the cards industry experiencing higher claims, as well as denials for virtual (card-not-present) transactions.

Cyberbeat’s Cloud Native SaaS platform on AWS enables cardholders and bank account holders to protect their login, card and account data credentials when performing virtual payment or banking transactions in the faceless marketplace with VkenPay App generating Dynamic Virtual Card representing their existing cards (plastic or virtual).

Dynamic Virtual Card

Cyberbeat’s VkenPay service enables Issuers (banks and Fintechs) to equip business or individual cardholders to securely generate Dynamic Virtual card token for single payment for online purchases or recurring payments for Onlinesubscription, in-app purchases, wallet as well as facilitating crypto and web 3 payments. The VkenPay Virtual Card number self-destructs can be generated offline to be scanned as Dynamic QR Code, NFC or manually entered to the payment page, App or device. Payment authorisation by the Card Issuer will be performed on their original cards or accounts without the need to change existing authorisation rails.

Easy integration into existing mobile banking apps via SDKs Backend integration for card verification via restful APIs

Offline 2FA (OTP)

Cyberbeat’s Vken2FA service allows organizations to enable their customers to securely generate offline Virtual Dynamic OTP for 2FA for all of their products and services from a single APP.

Eliminating reliance on SMS based or insecure in- app based Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). There are number of security issues being faced both by sender and receiver with SMS delivery of 2FA and OTP being compromised by scammers.

Vken2FA provides offline generation of dynamic OTP anytime, anywhere, anyplace which self- destructs at pre-set timer.

Error free – 100% Authentication without delay and retries. Significant cost saving.

Digital ID & Passwordless Login

Digital ID and passwordless solutions protect users against password fatigue and preventing access to their personal data and shielding against Account Takeover, money laundering and financial crime

Cyberbeat’s VkenSign-in service is a contactless, easy-to-use, safe and secure solution, that uniquely identifies and authenticates the user, ensuring identity protection and security. VkenSign-in App provides the users the option to generate alphanumeric password at will, instead of remembering and recalling. VkenSign-in offers uses cases for;

  1. secure and positive access management of digital wallets, banking apps, bank portals, websites, IT systems etc
  2. Digital ID - allowing users,account-holders & cardholdersto access their accounts’ withoutrevealing their actual credentialsthus avoiding Account Takeover(ATO) crimes.
  3. No weak passwords in the system, thus eliminating this vulnerability.
  4. Cyberbeat’s Vken2FA service is used for Two factor authentication after logging in using VkenSign-in for accessing sensitive data or functionality as part of access management.