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Our digital payment services is uniquely positioned to address a vast Asia Pacific based clientele that fits with the key verticals, including: banks, financial services, telecom companies and national payment institutions.

Our cloud-based Payments software-as-a-service & API based integration makes it easier to launch payments & authentication services in todays competitive digital ecosystem

Issuer Services

Our flexible solution services empowers you to manage the entire lifecycle of the cards bundled with personalized services that enable you instantly to onboard customers and simplify day-to-day spends for the cardholder.

Our cloud services facilitates you to offer multitude of financial products on Virtual or Physical Prepaid, Debit, Credit, 3D Secure, Multi-Currency cards, Instalment products, Micro Loans, Loyalty Programs, Revolving Credit, Working Capital loans, and many more.

Cyberbeat’s VkenPay © and VkenCredence © offers industry-best and impregnable security for your cardholders paying during E-Commerce & In-store (QR & NFC) Contactless Payments and all other Card-Not-Present instances - both for one-time purchases and subscription payments. This will enable your cardholders to spend with ease and confidence without the fear of the card number being fraudulently re-used.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments has become the new order with the onset of the pandemic.

We offer digital payment solution services that are convenient, immediate and secure for both online and offline – including NFC, Tap & Go, QR code, E-Wallets etc. for both traditional and digital currencies.

We our services include issuance of dynamic virtual card that can be linked to your wallet for making QR, contactless and Card-Not-Present transactions

Gain the scalability and security you need to deliver optimized digital payment solutions by leveraging our services.

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Acquirer & Merchant Services

Omni-channel acquiring services is our differentiator

Be it small stores or large multi-chain retail outlets - Enable your merchants to offer an integrated payment experience irrespective of channels including POS, mPOS, Kiosks, QR payment acceptance, contactless payment acceptance, etc.

Merchant Portal empowers real-time, self-service capabilities that help your merchants track their daily revenue streams

Merchant services include a thin client payment application including complete POS solution to accept NFC, in store payment etc. in a secure manner with seamless customer experience

Innovate with ATMs - Build scenarios to offer new services on ATMs and deploy remotely. Monitor your ATMs real-time to ensure they are always on the go!

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Secure Authentication Services (Tokenization)

Remembering multiple complicated passwords is always a challenge, 80% of the hacks happen due to stolen or weak passwords. We offer Digital ID's that are dynamic, contactless and can be generated offline. Primarily it provides credential protection and ensures that your employee information stands protected. These digital IDs are centrally controlled and can be generated from your smartphone, it can be used ad ID card, mark attendance, provide access ad can also be used as a passwordless login to one core application. Go passwordless - why remember when you can generate, dynamic passwords can be generated at will to login to your core application. This ensures 100% compliance to company's password policies and much more. Prevents password sharing. Since password is being generated from an unconnected device and being decoded via the Vken appliance , it would be next to impossible to be able to hack or intercept the same.

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E-Commerce Services

E-Commerce is growing worldwide and join the journey with our advanced suite of e-commerce solution services for both issuers and acquirers enabling comprehensive and secure card (3D Secure) payments to maximize your merchants online business potential.

Our industrial strength scalable platform offers services that can help you to take payments to the future and enhance e-commerce growth.

  • VkenPay © and VkenCredence © payments that provide industry best transaction security
  • Virtual Cards & E-Wallet payments
  • Multi-factor authentication using 3D Secure
  • Merchant self-service portals
  • Merchant Loyalty
  • Make Merchants and Cardholders safe on E-Commerce transactions !

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Advanced & Future-Proof Technologies

Our cloud-based state-of-the-art technology payment processing platform enables you to maximize your business potential across all your customer segments and channels – be it cards, online payments, merchants, payment networks, mobile payments, e-commerce!

  • Digital onboarding and e-KYC services - without your customer having to go to a branch!
  • Our digital onboarding and e-KYC services facilitates you to onboard a customer and issue a card in fewest clicks possible by just uploading their ID document, taking a selfie and our inbuild OCR technology will do a map and compare the facial features on the ID and Selfie
  • Real-time Transaction Fraud prevention - Minimize your losses and protect your market reputation!
  • Our Cloud based technology platform with the Inbuilt Fraud monitoring service combines the latest technologies and data analytics so more fraud instances are prevented real-time both at Issuer and Acquirer side
  • Deep Analytics - Unlock potential opportunities and maximize your business potential!
  • Our real-time data feed and inbuilt analytics engine will enable you to understand the customer spending behavior and thereby you can cross-sell and up-sell other financial services to augment your revenues
  • API Stack - Integrate your existing systems and services easily!

Our easy to use APIs can integrate with all your existing systems like Core Banking, App Servers, Credit scoring host etc. to help you to offer a seamless unified customer experience across all touchpoints

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